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qwrrt 05-06-2012 11:25 PM

Applying for credit card without proof of income
Hi just wanted to get some advice.

I currently live in Australia, am a student and make money on the side playing online poker. I am a tax resident of both Australia and Canada and am planning on staying in Australia.

I have family in Canada, 2 bank accounts in Canada, a credit card in Canada, money in investments, etc. and a residential address in Canada (my parents). I am also going back to visit for 5 weeks in a couple of months.

While there i would like to get another credit card that has a lower foreign exchange fee and is not tied to any bank account (ie. you pay off the card from another source). I have had a credit card for about 6 years or something in Canada and only once forgot to pay off the monthly balance in full (small amount, didn't realize it was on there) but not exactly sure what my credit rating is because I haven't checked.

Will i have much trouble getting accepted for another card given that i effectively cannot declare income (it is variable and not seen as a "real job") and will not be residing in Canada? I don't really want to come out and say "i am going to be using this card overseas, will never pay you any interest, and won't be activitely residing in Canada" but i also don't want to do anything misleading/against terms of service. Is a "proof of funds" type thing ok in lieu of income? Do i need proof of income at all with a good (presumably) credit rating? Basically the intention is to use up some of my Canadian money without getting killed on exchange fees because right now it is sitting in a bank getting basicallyu nothing (and i don't want to put it all in long term investments). Thanks for any advice you can offer

bugmenot 05-29-2020 06:26 AM

Re: Applying for credit card without proof of income
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