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Default Re: How To Improve Your Credit Score

Your FICO score, which basically ranges from 300 to 850, is normally made up of 5 components of different weights.
35% of your score – Your payment history
30% – How much you owe
15% – How long you have had credit
10% – The various types of credit you have used
10 percent – New credit (or the amount of credit you have applied for recently)
However, whilst your payment history tops as the most vital piece of your credit score, it cost you several months and even years to considerably improve it. Are you looking for a quicker fix?
The following are the five things you can do today to start improving your credit score over the coming few months.
1. Pull Your Credit Report
2. If You are in Debt, immediately Stop Using Your Cards
3. Ensure that you have Paid Any Overdue Charges
4. Begin Paying Down Your Balances
5. Do not Close Your Old Accounts
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