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Angry My sister stole my identity - now my credit history is crap

Here's my question,
My sister used my identity to take out several loans and 5 credit cards over the past 3 years.

I found out last week and paid off the loans, and the creditors claim they will take it off the 7 year bad listing on my credit report.

I can't send my sister to jail. I would be hurting her childing who have no where to go. I have a 1 bedroom apartment, I can't house them in that. And now that i'm broke from paying her dept, I couldn't afford to house them.

Anyways, the creditors have been really nice to me and kinda feel sorry for me. They are aware of my situation, they have spoken to my sister as well as me.

They promise me that it won't stay on my credit report for 7 years. What kind of assurance do I need to make that happen???

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