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Default Re: how much do i need to protect my computer?

Its a must to have an antivirus software installed in your system. There are many softwares available out there like McAfee, Avast, Nortan, etc.

But personally to have a problem free computer experience, follow these simple tips:

Things to FOLLOW:
  • Always have an up to date virus scanner running
  • Always have a firewall running
  • Install all the latest security updates
  • Use a non-IE or IE based browser
  • Delete all unsolicited emails containing attachments without reading
  • Manually scan all email attachments with your virus scanner, regardless of whether it's supposed to be done automatically
  • Copy and paste URLs from email messages into your web browser
  • Inspect links copied and pasted into your web browser to ensure they don't seem to contain a second/different address
  • Establish a regular backup regimen
  • Make regular checks of your backup media to ensure it is still good
Thing NOT to follow:
  • Use of Internet Explorer and any browser based on Internet Explorer (e.g. Maxathon and MSN Explorer)
  • Use of Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Open email attachments you haven't manually scanned with your virus scanner
  • Open email attachments you were not expecting, no matter who they appear to be from
  • Respond to spam messages, including using unsubscribe links
  • Visit questionable websites (e.g. porn, warez, hacking)
  • Poke unnecessary holes in your firewall by clicking "Allow" every time some program requests access to the Internet.
  • Click directly on links in email messages
  • Use of pirated programs
  • Use of file sharing or P2P programs
Its better to actually follow and maintain certain things as well, rather than just depending on malware protection software.
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