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Default Unsecured Debt Killing Me

It's difficult to wade through all the advice of debt relief-consolidation, settlement, etc... I've been doing it for many days and wasted hours with no resolution. I desperately need solid advice.
I married young and unwisely. I entrusted him to use good judgement in our finances while I worked, went to school, managed the day to day of the household and took care of the kids-that's three jobs. My mistake. He racked up a lot of debt, most of it I didn't know about. Long story short, economic crash, he's out of work, I'm working three jobs plus all of the above. And marriage is ending in divorce.
I have about $25k in debt of unsecured credit card debt of my own. I own a home that I can't live in bc I can't find a job in the small town hit hard by economy crash. We have useless land that we can't sell. I had been well on my way to being well below 50% of my cc limit and paying them off, when this all happened. I moved for a job in Southern California. Now I'm over my head in debt due to the burdens of providing for two children and the living expenses. My credit score is roughly 650, and my home is being occupy by renters bc it pays the expense and we owe more than its worth. I'm making all my cc payments, but I'm barely scraping by and sucking away what little savings I have tucked away on making ends meet for basic necessities.
What do I do to get my head above water again; improve my credit, reduce monthly payments, conserve what few assets I have, etc..?
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