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Default Looking for guidance - No debt but little income


I'm 25 and have about $29,000 in savings, no debt, but only about $200/week in income right now. I'm 90% complete my mentorship period on the path to obtaining my residential appraisal license here in Canada, but work is so slow right now I'm literally scraping by before I have to dip into my savings.

I have the option of switching mentors for the final duration of the period (about 6 months) but this means I'd have to drop my current mentor and find another willing mentor to take me on. The one I have now is great but it's so slow that he has virtually no work for me right now.

I live about 1 hour from the city which may have some job opportunities but that means I'd have to leave my family,friends and girlfriend (who has clientele here) behind. This seems like the obvious decision, but I feel hesitant because of all the hoops I'll need to jump through in order to move there (new apartment, find girlfriend a job, secure me a salary so I know how to invest properly), etc.

My father offers me work right now which is how I'm making $200/week but I don't want to work there forever. Can you offer me advice on what you would do in my situation? I feel envious of my peers who are making solid salaries and here I am just starting out... looking for a career that makes me feel fulfilled.

Personally, I am a techie at heart and love to create automation tools that help make businesses more efficient, but residential appraisal is a day job for now and does offer me opportunities for growth and learning.

I'm open to any feedback regarding how I should invest me money (if at all) and which direction you think I should go in, in terms of pursuing a career?

I'll answer any/all questions you may have. Thank you for reading.
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