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Default Stock market is compromise!!! Please read


I am here to tell you something,tremendously,ponderous about the U.S Stock Market&U.S Economy.This is for all the financial districts, government,citizens&investors of America,&for people all over the world who is investing in the United States Stock Market Exchanges such as NYSE,Nasdaq,&Dow Jones,can be aware and for someone can take the initiative to end these catastrophes.

Furthermore,not only the USA Stock Markets are being compromise,but negatively affecting America Government&America Economy in a rigorous manner as well.In the sense of the government losing millions&millions of dollars in monthly tax revenue from large,midsize&small corporations.Also,leaving hundreds of small companies,that trade over the OTC Markets, bankrupt.Which is the small corporations that are valued at penny stocks in the OTC Markets,usually with a market cap of 5-100 million.Also,the horrible impact from the compromise Stock Market led to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in America since most banks are doing horribly this past quarter&the unemployment % increased.Since businesses are losing customers,importers from america are not selling as much from previous years,businesses are going bankrupt,which in turn cant pay back banks for their loans&most corporations&investment banks trading revenue are extremely low due to the compromise stock market.The Federal Reserve,unfortunately, had no choice to raise interest rates,affecting many people&negatively affecting mortgage interest rates making it extremely difficult for people can pay off their debt &/or owning a house as well as making many people lose their jobs&go on riots,establishing stagflation!

Here is proof of all these events from different articles in the Wall Street Journal. The negative impact from the compromise Stock Markets also affected billion dollar corporations making the companies file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.One important factor to this is their"Trading Revenue"are extremely low.

This in turn,affects the entire United State's Economy in a very negative,disastrous, manner..PROOF UNDERNEATH!

"Prices U.S. firms receive for their goods and services fell for the second straight month in March".Article from WSJ

"Trading revenue at investment banks has been falling. But there appears to be one unlikely bright spot" Article from The Wall Street Journal".Indication that the Compromise Stock Market is doing crucial damage!

"Regulators are set to reject the so-called living wills of at least half of the U.S.’s systemically important banks,including J.P. Morgan Chase&Co.sending them scrambling to revise plans for a potential bankruptcy".

"Verizon employees begin strike.Nearly40,000 union employees of Verizon Inc.walked off the job early Wednesday morning, WSJ reports. This is the third strike since 2000.The last strike was in 2011,the last time the sides negotiated a contract".Article from The WSJ. Many American workers are losing their jobs&rioting because of the downfall&weakness of the U.S Economy!

"The race to provide credible real-time data on U.S.economic growth is pitting the Federal Reserve Bank of NY against its sibling in Atlanta,to the puzzlement of some traders".Article from WSJ.

"New York City’s biggest public employee pension fund is poised to vote Thursday to begin pulling its investment from hedge funds,the latest move by a large pension plan to scrap an investment path that once promised big returns".Article from "WSJ"point proven that the Compromise Stock Market is doing severe damage!

"U.S.consumer sentiment fell for the fourth straight month in April amid growing concerns about weaker economic growth.U.S.industrial output slowed in March,a sign that weakness persists for manufacturer&the energy industry".Article from WSJ

"Coal’s slow collapse pushed the largest U.S. miner to declare bankruptcy Wednesday, marking the end of an era for big publicly traded companies that have fueled American industry for more than a century".Article from WSJ.

"Regulators probe on-call scheduling.The scheduling practices of Coach Inc.,American Eagle Outfitters Inc.Aéropostale Inc.&a dozen other retailer are coming under scrutiny, WSJ report,as attorneys general of eight states and the District of Columbia seek information on whether they cancel the shifts of hourly employees with little notice".Article from WSJ.

"U.S. regulators are set to release a long-awaited update of proposed crisis-era Wall Street compensation rules at a public meeting April 21, according to a government notice posted Thursday".Article from WSJ.

"The initial reaction to the weak jobs report Friday caused further selling in early trading Friday. Investors apparently were more concerned about the weakness in the economy than the prospects that the Fed will not raise rates soon.Based on the Fed fund futures the odds for a hike in June are at 13%,30% in July and only 42% in September.The trading for the first week of May has caused a further drop in bullish sentiment as according to AAII only 22.3% are now bullish which is down 5% from the previous week. This is the lowest reading since the 19.24% reading from February 12 which was one day after the market's low.This low bullish reading then corresponded with the key technical reading(is there blood in the streets yet) that indicated the stock market was finally bottoming.Investors should also remember that the January 15th 2016 reading of 17.9% was the lowest since 2005&was much lower than any reading during the2008bear market".Article from Forbes"on 5/7/2016 indicating the stock market & economy are taking a rigorous hit.

I have a Strong indication of who is compromising the Stock Market.

As everyone can clearly see because of the COMPROMISE "STOCK MARKET" Investors, Creditors, Investment Firms, Billion Dollar Corporations, Small to Midsize Corporations and the Government are losing Millions and Millions of Dollars as well as the United States' Economy as well as making thousands of people lose jobs&making many companies liquidate&file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.Now, I have a very strong indication of who it might be that is compromising the Stock Market.It started in DECEMBER,where I started to invest in the Stock Market &I HEARD VOICES SAYING "STOP INVESTING IN THE STOCK MARKET!" "Voices SAID "WE ARE GOING TO COMPROMISE IT"I was very surprise I was hearing these voices saying that because I heard the same exact voice in July,in the year of 2012 &no one was present and it immediately went away.When I started to invest in the Stock Market in December of 2015.The voices re-emerged again! I looked around when I heard it again in December 2015,&there was no one in my house.I started hearing the voices more frequent, and I decided to research what is going on. I found out exactly what it is, PLEASE GO TO THIS LINK NOW AND READ IT! th e w atc h e rf il e s . co m /s he rry /chips . ht m l[ / u r l ] I have this chip somewhere in my body that I never knew of&it is from this chip I am hearing the voices.

Please read the link

This is the article that stated it from investopedia "At the beginning of 2016, the stock market got off to a shaky start with its biggest first-week decline in history".I am from Bronx, New York. A young individual and I started to hear the voices in Manhattan,NY.

NOW the wa tch e r f il e s. co m/ sh e r ry/ chi ps .h t m l[/ u rl]

Fortunately,I am writing to the Security Exchange Commission,investors,corporations,&of course the Government for they can put an end to this.For the Government can know,it started in Manhattan,NY.Where the voices initially emerged!

Therefore, since December of 2015 I been hearing the SAME COMPUTER VOICE telling me stop investing.Now,if Serious Investors,SEC,FCC,Corporations and the Government were to research, &trace back from December 2015 to May 7,2016,they will see basically all corporations that trades in the Stock Market such as Nasdaq,S&P 500&Dow are in a terrible position!Please read the articles I provided and you will see millions of dollars in revenue lost from most corporations,making small to midsize companies completely bankrupt&making the Government lose millions of dollars in Tax Revenue!

This is,again, what I hear. Please read the Link th ew atch e rf il e s . co m/sh er r y/ ch ip s . h t m l [ /u r l ] The voices must be responsible for the downfall of the stock market since voices are constantly saying it from the chip I have,unknowingly,somewhere in my body.

Last News for the Airline Industry taking a hit from the Compromise Stock Market!

"Responding to yesterday’s question on the new pricing rules at American, Delta and United, Joe Novitzki of Minnesota wrote: “In the oligopolistic airline industry, the giants are already enjoying high profits, especially with rock-bottom gas prices. Why create an unnecessary headache for customers? I think I’ll stick to Southwest Airlines.” Mike Edelmuth of Tennessee said: “Lots more people flying, being jammed into smaller spaces (which can be uncomfortable as well as unhealthy) and all three big airlines are taking advantage of travelers. How quickly they forget when they were struggling to survive!” And Dan Goncharoff of New York commented: “This is proof that arcane rules are not just the province of government. It’s a miracle that a visit to the DMV is now more efficient and less painful than booking and taking a flight.” This is from the Wall Street Journal, and this is CURRENT NEWS!! As you can see,Jetblue Airways and many other Airline companies are doing extremely well because of the season and very low oil prices. However, if you look at the Stocks,instead of it increasing, each airline stock is dramatically decreasing, which, of course, is not suppose to happen. An investigation must happen.
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