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Old 03-23-2018, 08:11 AM
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Default Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Best Suited for Freelance Set-up

The concept of a gig economy is no new cryptocurrency and has been around for a long time now. Many individuals especially in the current generation are moving from job to job to offer their services as freelancers to various companies, startups, and organizations. With the advent of a digital revolution, the pursuit of employment in freelance gigs has become far easier and accessible.

Now both freelancers and employers can go online to find a suitable job or candidate according to their preferences. One such rising trend is that of a ‘digital wanderer’ where an individual makes a living out of doing various short term online jobs while they travel. This lifestyle provides enriching experiences for the traveler who earns back the cost of the trip from working multiple gigs here and there. The demographic for such endeavors is typically young adults craving new experiences and equipped with an array of skills.

Boons and Banes of Payment in Crypto
The one difficulty that comes hand in hand with such a lifestyle is the delay in payments from employers and clients whom prolong and bargain with freelancer stipends. According to most endorsers of cryptocurrency, this problem can be easily tackled by using Blockchain for salaries. Many startups have already planned on taking advantage of Blockchain for securing deals with clients via smart contracts and even ICOs for raising capital.

Freelancers could make receiving their wages less stressful by using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. They would be less troubled by the hassle of currency conversions when receiving money from clients in different countries around the world. The emergence of an app called Latium, explicitly for such freelance users, can aid users in finding employment, creating contracts, and receiving payment through the app itself. It plans to be activated within this year, and offers travellers a wide range of jobs from content writing to dog walking. Recent developments show that big companies like Netflix and Airbnb have started paying their employees partially in cryptocurrency like that of Bitwage.

One of the few complications that come up when using cryptocurrency as means of payment is the issue of financial records. The crypto market can be volatile and payments in Bitcoin are difficult to tax and record. Taxation on cryptocurrency salaries are made in the same way as fiat or normal currency, that means they are based on the worth of the currency at the point in time of making the payment. However, due to its unstable nature, a cryptocurrency can be worth a drastic difference from what it was valued at many months ago.

Well Suited to Freelancers
No matter the volatility of using crypto as a payment, this is a situation that most freelancers are attuning to. Most gig workers can relate to the contrast in payments either being very high at one point or dropping low at another. This means that the value change a cryptocurrency may go through is not a cause for concern keeping in mind many freelance jobs are unstable in workload or stipend themselves. Furthermore, an app connecting various clients across the globe can also benefit travelers looking for such access and cash on the go. Using blockchain instead of traditional banking systems is within the domain of young freelancers who is catching on to the crypto world. Managing finances in the freelance industry would be more convenient, secured, and accessible with a mode of payment well suited to such a lifestyle.
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Old 04-05-2018, 04:29 AM
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Default Re: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Best Suited for Freelance Set-up

I like trading at fx market
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Old 09-13-2018, 11:30 PM
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Default Re: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Best Suited for Freelance Set-up

Before, I never thought that bitcoins can be tracked until my friend complained about hacking his cryptocurrency. Now I use a bitcoin mixer and recommend everyone to mix coins to ensure anonymity of transactions in the network. You can Get More Info on the official website.
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