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Default STOCK MARKET IS COMPROMISE!!! Part 2 Airline Industry

I am still hearing it till this very day since December. It is very annoying and the voices even said they are compromising the Entire United State's Stock Market. I have shown substantiation BASED ON THE ARTICLES that since DECEMBER OF 2015, CASTASTROPHES HAS BEEN HAPPENING IN THE STOCK MARKET & AMERICA'S ECONOMY. ONE ARTICLE STATED THIS WAS THE BIGGEST DOWNFALL IN STOCKS IN THE HISTORY OF THE STOCK MARKET! This is the article that stated it from investopedia "At the beginning of 2016, the stock market got off to a shaky start with its biggest first-week decline in history".I am from Bronx, New York. A young individual and I started to hear the voices in Manhattan,NY.

NOW h t tp : //w ww .t hewa tche r files . c o m /s he r r y/ chips . html

Fortunately, I am writing to the Security Exchange Commission, investors, corporations, and of course the
Government for they can put an end to this. For the Government can know, it started in Manhattan, New York. Where the voices initially emerged!

Therefore, since December of 2015 I been hearing the SAME COMPUTER VOICE telling me stop investing. Now, if Serious Investors, SEC, FCC, Corporations and the Government were to research, and trace back from December 2015 to May 7, 2016, they will see basically all corporations that trades in the Stock Market such as Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Dow are in a terrible position!! Please read the articles I provided and you will see millions of dollars in revenue lost from most corporations, making small to midsize companies completely bankrupt and making the Government lose millions of dollars in Tax Revenue! Also, professional investors are also stating that the entire Stock Market is Compromise, that it is completely down! Also, current news from Forbes 5/7/2016 indicating that the stock market is tremendously down "The initial reaction to the weak jobs report Friday caused further selling in early trading Friday. Investors apparently were more concerned about the weakness in the economy than the prospects that the Fed will not raise rates soon. Based on the Fed fund futures the odds for a hike in June are at 13%, 30% in July and only 42% in September. The trading for the first week of May has caused a further drop in bullish sentiment as according to AAII only 22.3% are now bullish which is down 5% from the previous week. This is the lowest reading since the 19.24% reading from February 12 which was one day after the market's low. This low bullish reading then corresponded with the key technical readings (is there blood in the streets yet) that indicated the stock market was finally bottoming. Investors should also remember that the January 15th 2016 reading of 17.9% was the lowest since 2005 and was much lower than any reading during the 2008 bear market". Article from Forbes indicating the Stock Market, since, January has been taking a negative, tremendous, downfall and is in a worser state; percentage since the Bubble Burst in 2008!

Furthermore, the OTC Markets, which are the penny stocks. A lot of these companies went completely bankrupt,& liquidated. Some owes a lot of money to creditors, and many downsized because of these negative affects from the Stock Market. Which, is from the COMPUTER VOICE who somehow Compromise the Stock Market ever since I started to invest in stocks in December. This is, again, what I hear. Please read the Link the th ew at ch e r fi l es. co m/sh erry/c hi ps . h t ml The voices must be from Manhattan, New York since it originated there. The voices must be responsible for the downfall of the stock market since voices are constantly saying it from the chip I have, unknowingly, somewhere in my body.

Last News for the Airline Industry taking a hit from the Compromise Stock Market!!

"Responding to yesterday’s question on the new pricing rules at American, Delta and United, Joe Novitzki of Minnesota wrote: “In the oligopolistic airline industry, the giants are already enjoying high profits, especially with rock-bottom gas prices. Why create an unnecessary headache for customers? I think I’ll stick to Southwest Airlines.” Mike Edelmuth of Tennessee said: “Lots more people flying, being jammed into smaller spaces (which can be uncomfortable as well as unhealthy) and all three big airlines are taking advantage of travelers. How quickly they forget when they were struggling to survive!” And Dan Goncharoff of New York commented: “This is proof that arcane rules are not just the province of government. It’s a miracle that a visit to the DMV is now more efficient and less painful than booking and taking a flight.” This is from the Wall Street Journal, and this is CURRENT NEWS!! As you can see, Jetblue Airways and many other Airline companies are doing extremely well because of the season and very low oil prices. However, if you look at the Stocks,instead of it increasing, each airline stock is dramatically decreasing,which,of course,is not suppose to happen.An investigation must happen.

As you can clearly see on 5/2/2016/ Delta Air Lines, Inc Stock is at 41.67 with a Pre-Market increase of 0.83 cents!

Also, American Airlines Group Inc. Stock is at 34.69 with a Pre-Market increase of 0.30 cents!!

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc Stock is at 39.94 with a Previous Close of minus 0,73 cents!!

SouthWest Airlines Co. Stock is at 44.61 with a Pre-Market increase of 0.39 cents!

Now, why is at that the ONLY Airline Stock, JetBlue Airways Corporation has a Pre-Market Decrease of 0.07 cents!?? while all other Airline Corporations' Stock Are increasing ?

Furthermore,Jetblue Airways dramatically decrease to 19.00 dollars from 22.50 dollars just last week within a 3 day period!! &other airline stocks decreased as well, but not as much as JetBlue inc.How is that possible with all the oil prices are extremely cheap? a Brand New Service for customers from JetBlue Corp called MINT, great news about the earnings of Jetblue Corp, which was a 34% increase!! from the previous year, and great news with other airline companies along with a lot customers purchasing plane tickets, and this is the season to fly?

Additionally, on 5/5/2016, the entire Stock Market was down and were in the negative numbers. I just informed you about how is it possible that the airline industry is taking a hit while in a lucrative state & good news and facts implemented.

Now, while, the stock market is in the negative numbers, how is it possible that on 5/5/2016

American Airlines Group is down -25cents,
Southwest Airlines Co -0.05
JetBlue is down -0.03cents , which are three dominant corporations in the airline industry

while Delta Air Lines,Inc. increased 0.36cents and Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, inc. Stock increased by $10.30!! from
38.62cents to 48 dollars!! How is that possible?

Lastly, on 5/6/2016 , while the entire stock market was in the positive, Gaining, numbers
United Continental Holdings stock increased by 0.53cents
Delta Air Lines stock increased by 0.33cents
American Airline stock increased by 0.28cents
Southwest Airline stock increased by 0.20cents

While the ONLY Airline Company's Stock, which is JetBlue Corporation, was the ONLY Stock that was in the negative
numbers with a Decrease of 0.33cents!! An investigation must occur!
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