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Old 11-21-2019, 03:14 AM
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Default Do you know the key reason for losing money in Forex

Everyone thinks trading is an easy task. But after joining the trading industry, people understand why the majority of the retail traders are losing money. The experienced traders in Hong Kong often consider trading as the most complicated profession in the world. If you intend to make a living, make sure you have developed your trading skills by using the demo account. Never start to trade the real market without learning the basic details of this market. Being a fulltime trader, you have to learn a lot about this market.

Trading against the major trend
Trading against the major trend is one of the key reason for losing money in Forex. Those who are relatively new to the trading profession always lose money since they donít know the perfect way to find great trades. But if you learn to trade the market with price action confirmation signal it wonít take much time to establish trading skills. Try to use the simple trend line tool so that you can make a profit without having any issues. Once you start to trade the market with a major trend, you will notice a dramatic change in your trading performance.

Taking too much risk
By taking too much risk in each trade, you canít become a successful trader. You have to trade this market with managed risk so that few losing trades will not make you frustrated. Though things are really tough for the novice traders without learning to embrace the losing orders itís impossible to make a living based on trading. At the initial stage, risk only 2% of your account balance so that you can make the right decision. Forget about an aggressive trading approach and try to follow the conservative trading method. Focus on simple logic and trade the market with the trend.

Using a complicated trading strategy
Those who use complicated trading system always loses money. The experienced traders at Saxo always use the simple trading strategy to find quality trades in the trading platform. The new traders often think a simple trading system doesnít generate high-quality signals for the novice traders. But if you dig deep, you will understand simplicity is the best way to make a profit in the Forex market. If you intend to make your life better, make sure you are always trading the market with proper logic. Forget about the aggressive approach and focus on simple trading technique.

Following the herd
The majority of the Forex traders are losing money. So, if you follow the herd, itís very obvious you will lose money most of the time. Being a currency trader, you have to find a simple trading technique based on your mentality. Never try to trade the market with other people opinion since it always results in heavy loss. Some of you might buy expensive signals from the professional trader but do you think this will help. The obvious answer is no. No-one can predict the price movement of the currency pairs with 100% accuracy. So, if you want to make a profit from this market, make sure you are not following the herds.

Never ignore the high impact news
The new traders donít care about the high impact news. They consider the technical data as the most important aspect of trading. If you want to make a profit from this market, make sure you are not ignoring the major news. Learning to trade the major news might seem very hard. If you start using the simple method in trading, it wonít take much time to understand why the pro traders rely on fundamental data. Being a new trader, you should focus on the major news only. Try to blend the fundamental data with the technical data so that you can make the best decision and lead your dream life.
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Old 12-17-2019, 03:09 AM
Valz Miky Valz Miky is offline
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Default Re: Do you know the key reason for losing money in Forex

There are many reasons why people lose but generally it’s due to lack of education and planning that people end up losing. The best formula that I have found is through FreshForex broker using their epic Rebate Program, through which I am able to get huge cashback and support to work well.

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Old 12-23-2019, 01:16 AM
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Default Re: Do you know the key reason for losing money in Forex

People always lose money when they start to rush. I am not really familiar with forex but I am into sports betting and I think that situation here is nearly the same. I myself prefer to always take my time to make better decisions. By the way, if you are interested in sports betting too I advise you to check out https://fanbookmaker-ke.net , that's just a great website for sports betting lovers.
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