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Old 10-08-2018, 03:51 PM
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Default Quick and Easy access to Knowledge becomes a reality!

Connecty is a platform that is setting itself as the suitable ecosystem where knowledge is translated into innovation. Based on the harmony of openness, fairness, and progress, the platform joins several areas of knowledge to streamline research and development processes for firms. Because of this, the platform connects the knowledge sources such as libraries, laboratories, and people with innovators in a distributed knowledge economy that is secure and fast. The knowledge market is a market that comprises of two players – those involved in creating knowledge and those who use the knowledge to innovate.

How does the Connecty system work:

The Connecty platform works in such a way that an individual who requires some information or knowledge examines a question and communicates what is required. Then, the inbuilt Artificial Intelligence translates the question to either scientific or business language; it further starts looking for the experts required (knowledge source) in a database. The moment the list of experts found is complete, the innovator then selects the one that meets the best requirement of the innovator. After the agreement is completed between both parties, a smart contract is allotted fixing the agreement. This makes is secure and transparent for both parties.

However, the experts are concerned about better prominence on the Connecty platform while managing the process through a special interface. Immediately the knowledge is communicated to an innovator, the CTY token is used to pay the innovator, which can be changed into fiat.

What is the CTY Token?

The CTY is a utility token founded on the Stellar Blockchain and is used for making payments within the Connecty platform. It can be used to pay for knowledge and buy things in the knowledge store such as tools, books, subscription to journals and scientific magazines, etc. The total supply available is 1.375 billion tokens, which will be distributed as follows.

• 55% allocated for its crowdsale
• 15% for the Blue Horizon Reserve
• 11% for its team and advisors
• 9% for its Foundation Blue Horizon
• 5% for its bounty
• 5% for its early adopted users

Importantly, the sale of its initial coin offering began on September 1, 2018 and will end on November 30, 2018. Take advantage of this sale, which comes with 40% maximum bonus.

The use of CTY Token in the Connecty.io Platform

The CTY token is the knowledge currency on the Connety.io platform. The token allows people within the platform to:

• To get knowledge frm knowledge creators such as academics, professors, professionals, independent experts, etc. The innovator after contracted with the knowledge creator will pay them using the CTY tokens once the assignment is completed.
• To provide a source of income for the knowledge holder through the token conversion to fiat currencies such as dollars, euro, etc. on the platform
• To buy goods and services in the Knowledge store such as books, tools, subscriptions to digital tools, subscriptions to magazines and professional journals. The CTY token holder can make purchases related to the knowledge through the shop integrated on the platform.

Connecty – solution to the knowledge issue

The proposed Connecty platform that will make knowledge become a reality is based on three important pillars. These pillars are:

• Customized service adapted to needs: You can easily find solutions to issues because of the search algorithm while accurately dimension its need through a mission management module. Connecty.io is using this means to answer all the knowledge need of innovators frm the simple request frm an expert opinion. Connecty.io is a web platform, which depends on multi-domain AI using an advanced mission management system.
• An Exceptional Proposition: The platform provides a fast and agile service that allows contextualization and connection through a single click between the innovator and the creator of knowledge.
• Reliable, secure, and trusted web 3.0 environment: Conflict management, reputation system, intellectual property management, and exchange protection. Connecty.io is using this process to create a unique ecosystem, which is dedicated to the knowledge market. Furthermore, innovators will have a unique place to sort for a solution to their questions.

Connecty.io plans to bring a global vision of knowledge and science by bringing together creators of knowledge frm different research fields on the platform. These fields include life and earth science, physical science, engineering, and system. The proposed Connecty.io platform will take three forms – fundamental knowledge, knowledge, and know-how.

Connecty – Platform that unites the knowledge and innovation ecosystem

The objective of the Connecty.io platform is summarized as follows. The introduction of a circular economy means the dynamization of the current knowledge environment. The expansion of the Connecty.io platform will be done logically by joining all actors of the world’s knowledge and innovation both present and future. This will include:

• Legal entities such as schools, laboratories, and universities
• The creators and holds of knowledge in both private and public sectors
• Companies such as SME’s, startups, and large groups
• Individuals including independent experts, researchers, academics, doctors, etc
• Accelerators and incubators
• Public entities responsible for key projects in local communities and municipalities
• Consulting firms
• Accompanying innovation
• Innovations clusters, innovation poles, professional networks, competitiveness clusters

Final words!

Connecty is building a unique marketplace of knowledge where experts will trade their knowledge on one side and on the other side companies looking for real outsourced research and development. The connection between these two parties is regulated through a smart contract. The idea for the platform is rational and simple with the scheme classic. Don’t forget that the knowledge market is estimated to have about $2 billion and the platform wants to take advantage of this market. Interestingly, the team already has about 5000 experts frm France with a focus on attracting more knowledge sources throughout the world. Part of its CTY token will be rebought through external exchanges.

With Connecty at your disposal, you don’t need to waste time and resources searching for the right answers to nagging questions; just press the Connecty button and all you need would be made available to you.

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Old 10-09-2018, 07:11 AM
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Smile Re: Quick and Easy access to Knowledge becomes a reality!

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Old 11-05-2019, 03:56 AM
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Default Re: Quick and Easy access to Knowledge becomes a reality!

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Old 11-16-2019, 02:21 PM
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Default Re: Quick and Easy access to Knowledge becomes a reality!

The term quick, fast and all such are ways you end up on wrong side of things. This is where we need to ensure that we are calm and comfortable with doing things. I do it all very nicely with broker like FreshForex, as they are awesome with their low spreads, smooth trading platform, and there is also amazing educational setup which helps a lot.

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